AD #1792 – Toyota Puts Scion to Pasture, GM Posts Strong 2015 Earnings, Use of Structural Adhesives Explodes

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- GM’s 2015 Earnings - GM Opens New Performance Center - Toyota Kills Off Scion - New Active Aerodynamic Trick - Use of Structural Adhesives Explodes

On today's show Toyota put sign on out to pasture GM post strong earnings in 2015 and why automakers are using more and more structural. Since to build cars. On that more coming right up. This is All align daily for February 4 of 2016. General Motors posted I popping financial results for 2015. The company sold just under 10000000 vehicles. A fraction more than the year before and its revenue of $152000000000 actually fell but that was mainly due to currency exchange rates. A strong U. S. dollar hurts its overseas earnings. But that's where the bad news ends. GM's earnings before taxes and interest hit 10.$8000000000 a whopping 66 percent and ...

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