Multifamily Opportunities in the Current Market

published 9 months ago by Commercial Real Estate Show

New supply, changing demographics & rising rates are impacting the multifamily market. Michael shares where the opportunities are in the market.

Welcome back to America's commercial real estate show on Michael will thank you for being with us this site is brought to you by bowl realty asset and occupies this hockey with the solution I can say this phone company right visit bowl where they were talking about the multi family market I thought I close the show with some ideas some opportunities that you might have in the marketplace right now did just give you a brief background a bit in commercial real estate for 30 plus years I started in multi family started managing and and renovating apartments and work for a company that bought them and sold them and and operated the main its own the property management company sold apartments for for 15 years is all worked on and now my company sells apart ...

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