Getting Midsized Cities Moving

published 1 year ago

Kingston, Ont., has the fastest-growing public transit ridership in Canada, according to census data. The Agenda discusses how the Limestone City is building up its public transit system, and how it can be a model for other midsize Ontario cities.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter slash daily. Kingston Ontario has the fastest growing public transit ridership in Canada according to census data why and what might other similar cities in this province learn from their success let's ask in Kingston Ontario this shell city concert for the Portsmouth district in the city of Kingston and here in studio Jeff Costello professor transportation at the university of Waterloo welcome to you both thank you I'm Liz I'll start with you how would you characterize transit in Kingston before it expanded its bus service. I I think of a major answer would be it was very tired. It wasn't attractive it didn't have a a lot of backing from council it just it was there was something that people saw go by that it it certainly didn't care ...

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