Jesus School #1 - It's Better to Travel Together

published 5 years ago by Bruxy Cavey

Jesus School with Amanda Miles, Karmyn Bokma and Mike Finnie

I'm at a busy hospital in Zimbabwe I could even believe that I'm here because I've been seeing photos and videos of this place for years knowing that we have been pondering with MCC providing important supports to this hospital the way that we provide that support distraught aids care campaigns that we have been doing for years now this yeah we've correcting 750 packets and 2003. The one that looks like is. Judge Carr. 13. We smashed that dole lost yet so I know we can do it again. Each caught cost $100 and that money goes to support hospitals like this and other important HIV and aids programs all over southern Africa. In the countries that we support. In addition aids care kids go to places like interface a hospital and in fact we already know that the aids take kids that we are collecting this year would come to Zimbabwe. For a ...

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