190: Diversity 2 – Puzzle Branch

published 4 years ago by GeekGamer.TV

In our never ending quest to complete Diversity 2, we head to the Puzzle Branch!

You guys commit this week on minecraft me we're back to the halls of diversity to once again this time we had to the puzzle branch. Where. Let's just say that our brains are not quite in the game this week we also cover the minecraft is a week and we take your questions we also debut another server challenge. Picture on games coming up next week so much more my crack me his next. Me is brought to you by the viewers and listeners. Support us unpatriotic you would become a supporter today head on over the patriarch.com slash minecraft. This is my craft me the show that is about minecraft. We bring you some of the most awesome tutorials on the internet. Reviews of vodka pack picks that you can use when you play ...

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