Pulse, CloudHealth, and Barracuda - Enterprise Security Weekly #100

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Secure SAP Interfaces with the new Virtual Forge InterfaceProfiler, Sumo Logic unveils massive support for Google Cloud Platform, Barracuda's CloudGen WAF lands on Google Compute Platform. Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

The main tools help security analyst turn threat data into threat intelligence they take indicators from your network including domains and IP addresses and connect them with nearly every act of domain on the internet those connections drive risk assessments full profile attackers guide online fraud investigations and map cyber activity to attack our infrastructure fortune 1000 companies global government agencies in leading security solutions vendors use the domain tools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigations and proactive defenses for more information visit security weekly.com forward slash domain tools the greatest threat to businesses today isn't the outsider trying to get in it's the people you trust the ones who already have the keys employees or contractors and privilege users 60 percent of online attacks are carried out by insiders stop these insider threats you need to see what users are doing before an incident occurs observer combat insider threats by detecting risk activity investigating in minutes effectively responding in stopping data law ...

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