Veterans in the Job Market: Advice and Support with Shane Smith - Job Won

published 4 months ago by UCTV

The transition from a military career to the civilian workforce can be challenging. Shane Smith, a veterans advocate and manpower analyst for the United States Marine Corps joins Phil Blair to share his experiences and expertise. Learn how to translate job duties to resume bullet points, how to begin your job search, networking opportunities and more. Series: "The Career Channel" [Show ID: 33772]

We have a special program today at 4 veterans and the interesting part is your enemy chain Smith very soon but shame and I met through an informational interview and highlighted in my job one for America's veterans book is a phrase quote from Shane don't let them blow smoke up your **** and I got permission to say that but it is so. So military and it is so true. Especially for anybody that's recently made the transition from the military into the private sector or is getting ready to make that transition so shame tells about the phrase and how it came about and why it was so important to you sure I wish I could claim that I invented it but but it actually is a phrase that we use quite of in the military first of all may lead and ...

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