AD #1786 – Mazda’s Out Of The Box Thinking, Hyundai Elantra Updates, Cadillac CT6 Design Secrets

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Mazda’s Out Of The Box Thinking - Carmakers Set Production Record In North America - Hyundai Elantra Updates - Cadillac CT6 Design Secrets

On today's show Mazda has a unique plan to boost capacity Hyundai reveals the updates to be only one mantra and a look at the design secrets behind Cadillacs new flagship sedan on that more coming right up. This is not a line daily for January 27 of 2016. Monster is a bit of a puzzling company despite a great line up of cars it only makes up a small part of the market while the company did boost sales last year it wet behind the overall market partly because its capacity constrained on a global basis. One way to get more capacity would be to expand an existing plant or build a new one. However Robert Davis the head of the company's U. S. operations pulled us on an upcoming auto line this week Mazda could increase capacity in a unique way ...

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