CARTA: Imagination and Human Origins: Alysson Muotri - Reconstructing the Neanderthal Mind in a Dish

published 4 months ago by UCTV

Alysson Muotri of UC San Diego's Stem Cell Program discusses his work creating cortical organoids from modern humans and Neanderthal to compare the brains of humans and human predecessors. Series: "CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny" [Show ID: 33815]

We are the paradoxical a. By Peter. Naked. Large brain. Long the master of fire tools and language. But still trying to understand ourselves. Aware that death is inevitable. Yet filled with optimism. We drove slowly. We hand down knowledge. And the size and the seat. We shape the future from our shared understanding of the past. John together experts from diverse disciplines to exchange insights on who we are and how we got here. An exploration made possible by the generosity of ...

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