Vatican foreign policy

published 3 years ago by Monocle

Like many sovereign states, the Holy See pursues an active foreign policy. We visit the Vatican's foreign ministry, where world peace is always on the agenda. To find out more about the Vatican’s foreign ministry, read our [article]( .

I'm basically sitting the smallest state on the 44 hectares that surrounds it Peters basilica in Rome is home to the pope and headquarters to the Roman Catholic Church. But it's 1.2000000000 follow it. It is also the epicenter of the holy see's diplomatic network. Beyond the bronze tools of the apostolic palace. Tend to Swiss guard electrically breaches. Yeah it will take. Papal diplomatic cool a busy administering pope Francis's affect ambitious foreign affairs agenda. Cost 3 panelists. Marble staircases. Ground homes. Passages and largest painted by Rafael. I know reached the Vatican's office of the secretary at ...

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