Treatment of Common Geriatric Fractures: Spine and Pelvis

published 4 months ago by UCTV

Fractures of the pelvis and spine are among the most common type in older adults. Dr. Dave Shearer explores fractures of the pelvis and Dr. Trigg McClellan looks at fractures of the spine. Both are orthopedic surgeons at UCSF. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 33741]

The topic today is we're continuing this series on aging bones is on pelvic fractures which I'll be talking about and also spine fractures which are some of the more complex injuries that we treat as orthopedic trauma surgeons and trade with the with his expertise in both spine and trauma surgery is uniquely qualified to talk about that. But I'm gonna get kicked things off and start off talking about public fractures. So we'll start off this is just kind of a quick overview will will go through a little bit of the anatomy of hell this is one of the more complex areas that we deal with in our specialty we'll talk a little bit about different types of injuries just as sort of broadcast ...

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