ScienceCast 206: Historic Vegetable Moment on the Space Station

published 4 years ago

His story vegetable moment on the space station. Presented by science at NASA. On August 10 astronauts on the international space station. Simple their first space grown salad and pronounced it. Good. They were treated to a freshly harvested red romaine lettuce grown in the veggie plant growth chamber. Special structure designed to make gardens flourish in weightlessness. On earth garden flori battle such foes as cut worms aphids slugs route maggots blight soon rots. But weightlessness is one thing no earthly vegetation encounters. In a weightless environment there is no up and down so rich grow in all directions. Water and substrate the materials used to anchor these plants and allow for root growth tend to float away. With veggies these problems are solved by using plant pillows. Bags of substrate ...

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