AD #1780 – Sidecar Could Sideline Uber, It’s A Plug-In But Don’t Tell Anyone, Autonomous Army Convoys

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Sidecar Could Sideline Uber - Autonomy? It’s Ok, I Guess - Mon Dieu! Renault Gets Raided - It’s A Plug-In, But Don’t Tell Anyone - Autonomous Army Convoys

On today's show German motors gets a hold of a patent that could control the ride sharing Mar. Chrysler comes out with a plugin but doesn't want its customers to know it and US army develops convoys of. Trucks. All that and more coming right up. Model one day on. This is a modeling daily for January 19 of twenties. Steam. Hot on the heels of investing 0.$5000000000 into left the ride sharing competitor to Hoover general motors'just acquired the assets and technology of another ride sharing company called side car technology it was actually the first ride sharing company to hit the market but was never as good at raising money as Ober side car raised about $39000000 Walt boomer raised more than 10000000000. But General Motors may have bought itself a trump ...

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