Where are all the aliens? | Stephen Webb

published 6 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

The universe is incredibly old, astoundingly vast and populated by trillions of planets -- so where are all the aliens? Astronomer Stephen Webb has an explanation: we're alone in the universe. In a mind-expanding talk, he spells out the remarkable barriers a planet would need to clear in order to host an extraterrestrial civilization -- and makes a case for the beauty of our potential cosmic loneliness. "The silence of the universe is shouting, 'We're the creatures who got lucky,'" Webb says.

I saw a UFO once I was a so 9 playing in the street with a friend who's a couple of years older. And we saw a featureless silver disk hovering over the houses we watched it for a few seconds and it shocked away incredibly quickly even as a kid I got angry it was. Ignoring the laws of physics. We went inside to tell the grown ups and they were skeptical you'd be skeptical to rise. I got my own back a few years later one of those grown ups told me last night I saw a flying saucer I was coming out of the pub after a few drinks I stopped in assets can explain not citing. Psychologists have shown we contrast our brains to tell the truth it's easy to ...

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