AD #1776 – New Ridgeline Gets FWD, Renault-Nissan Fights Car Sharing, Dodge Caravan to Live on… For Now

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Kia Shows Full-Size SUV Concept - Honda Reveals New Ridgeline Pickup - Renault-Nissan to Fight Car Sharing - Garmin Nav Unit w/ Baby Monitor - Fate of Dodge Grand Caravan - Eyes on Design Award Winners

On today's show Honda gives the new rich like a much more conventional look Renault Nissan plans to fight carsharing with connectivity. And a look at SCE's plan. For the Dodge grand caravan. All that more coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily for January 13 of 2016. It took the wraps off a full size SUV concept called the telluride the 3 row 7 passenger model is built on the same architecture as the Sorrento but it's much larger it's equipped with a number of advanced features including sensors in the seats. I capture health info which can be displayed on screens in the door panels. It's also the first key a model to feature 3 D. printed components that are located on the dashboard door panel and steering wheel. But don't get ...

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