Cavuto: Stop throwing mud if you want to drain the swamp

published 1 year ago by FOX News Channel

Mr. President, I know they say you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but that doesn't mean criticize your friends and give your enemies cover.

What we call the European Union to Paul and Latimer Putin a friend still won't say Russia it appear to the 2016 election because the president of Russia says he didn't interfere in that election says US Russian relations are the worst date ever been but pulled is not the reason we're the reason just like where the reason the Chinese are cleaning up on trade it's not that they cheat it's because for years we let them she never mind Russia invaded the Ukraine we let them invade the Ukraine or the China seas on americans'appetites for cheap goods we'll let China seas on americans'appetites for cheap goods so it's not that Russian leaders were and cunning all our leaders boring Connie not the Chinese leaders were in truth all our leaders were in truth not that Canada has become a threat to our national security we let them become a threat to our national security. Canada so don't blame any of their leaders blame all our leaders just not this ...

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