AD #2392 – Genesis G70 Driving Impressions, Model 3 Solidly Profitable, AWD Vehicles Booming Globally

published 9 months ago by John McElroy

- Big Truck Sales Not Slowing Down - All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles Booming Globally - Genesis G70 Driving Impressions - Tesla Model 3 Solidly Profitable - Weekend Race Results - The Race Car of The Future? - Citroen’s Weird Glasses Reduce Motion Sickness

On today's show CD Monroe says the Tesla model 3 is way more profitable than anyone realizes the genesis G. 70 is going to surprise a lot of enthusiast and central and came out with the weirdest classes you've ever seen hall that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily the shell for enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. While sales of big trucks show no sign of slowing down in the US market according to ward's auto medium and heavy duty sales were up 10 percent in June compared to a year ago in in the first half of the year big trucks are up 17 percent earlier in the year we predicted the growth and big trucks could be a leading indicator for light vehicle sales we were right the passenger vehicle market is up this year when most Sam ...

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