AD #1774 – VW May Buyback Diesels, No National Autonomous Regulation Planned, Hyundai’s New Hybrid Setup

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- VW May Buyback Cheating Diesels - No National Autonomous Regulation in Sight - Renault-Nissan’s Autonomous Plan - More Hyundai IONIQ Details - BMW’s Next-Gen Motorcycle Technology - Volt and Prius Just Miss COTY Cut

On today's show VW is in talks with the EPA to buy back thousands of vehicles the transportation department says there are no plans to regulate autonomous cars nationally and BMW reveals next Gen technology ports motorcycles on that more coming right up. I do. This is not a line daily for January 8 of 2016. Earlier in the week the U. S. justice department filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen over its diesel emission cheating scandal and now it's being reported that the company is in talks with the EPA to buy back thousands of cars in the U. S. equipped with the cheating software because there's not an easy fix for them here in the states. According to Bloomberg it could be as many as 50000 vehicles but that number could change. The 2 sides are still negotiating ...

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