AD #1773 – Customer Loyalty Rates by Automaker, Chevy Shows Production Bolt, Volvo Increases Autonomous Driving Speed

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- The Importance of Lighting Signatures - U.S. Spec. Cruze Hatch Takes a Bow - Chevy Bolt Designed w/ Ride-Sharing in Mind - Subaru Has Most Loyal Customers - Put Big Brother on Your Phone - Volvo Increases Autonomous Driving Speed

On today's show all look at which companies have the most loyal customers Chevy takes the wraps off the production version of the bolt E. V. and Bob Dole comes out with the first car that standard was semi autonomous technology. All that more coming right up on a blind date. This is not a line daily for January 7 of 2016. Vehicle lighting has become crucial to the design of a car. It can be just as recognizable as an auto makers grill which is why OEMs are turning to companies like Barack lighting systems we told you about last month. Like this headlight assembly that looks like it's shining down a light from the heavens. Well not instantly recognizable that's because it's off the newly introduced Tesla model lacks. But it's clear that Tesla wanted to be noticed no matter what time of day ...

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