E836: News Roundtable! Peter Rojas, Betaworks & Teddy Schleifer, Recode: Gawker bought, Magic Leap: real or fraud?, Twitter bots booted, Benchmark moves, VC & vice, crypto plunges, Theranos worst, Mueller indicts

published 3 months ago by ThisWeekInStartups.com

This week and start ups is brought to you by our expire turned out real food ingredients actually taste really good for 25 percent off your first order visit our expired.com slash twist enter promo code twist at checkout end. The smartest way to hire twist listeners can try ziprecruiter for free good is super critter.com slash twist Hey everybody everybody went to another episode of this week and start ups the podcast we've been doing for almost a decade where we talk to founders journalists investors about the technology and start up industry today on the program back for his probably 20 years I've been on a lot of it on a lot is my longtime collaborator longtime friend Peter Rowe Haas of course is a partner at beta works now doing investing but previously founded Gizmodo and Engadget end ...

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