Ex-NASA Engineer's CRAZY Xbox/PS4 Controller Mod - IGN Daily Fix

published 3 months ago by IGN.com

An Ex-NASA engineer builds an over the top mod for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, only one Blockbuster Store remains in the video service battle royale and defunct Dead Space 4 details surface.

Video games it's more. I can feel the vibration and this little thing socks there's only a product that can solve all my problems. Once that goes to the lan appears there is now welcome to the daily fix. An ex NASA engineer has created a truly kick **** controller mod for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 Jake Middleton launched a Kickstarter for his mega 1 with plans to begin shipping the mod in 2/20/19 at the campaign is funded mega 1 is basically an exoskeleton for existing controllers it's made with aircraft grade aluminum powerful motor in an industrial grade vibrator with controller vibrations 10 times more powerful than those of your average controller ...

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