AD #1770 – Ferrari Was 1/3 of FCA’s Value, UAW Tries to Intimidate Workers, Tesla Model X Wider Than Hummer H2

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Ferrari’s Financial Performance - UAW Tries to Intimidate Workers - The Drive Home - How Wide Is a Tesla Model X?! - Nissan Drops LMP1 Program - BMW’s Hands Off Approach

Hello and welcome to the first online daily of 2016 on today's show after seeing loses a third of its market value after spinning off Ferrari the UAW tries to intimidate workers who drop out of the union and did you know a Tesla model act. Is wider than a Hummer each to. All that more coming right up. I'm Dave. This is not a line daily for January 4 of 2016. We always knew Ferrari was a gem of a brand but now we know it was one of the crown jewels of fiat Chrysler. Before Ferrari was spun off as a separate company SCA its market capitalization was worth over $18000000000 now without Ferreri FCA is worth just under $12000000000. And Ferrari was contributing about $424000000 in profits. To ask ...

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