AD #2391 – Lamborghini’s Sales on Fire, Tesla Loses $7,500 Tax Credit, Maserati Unveils High Performance Levante

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Lamborghini Sales on Fire - Maserati Unveils High Performance Levante - Genesis G70 Details - Honda and Panasonic Test Swappable Batteries - Tesla Loses $7,500 Tax Credit - Autonomous Vehicle Fail - Mercedes Resurrects 1930’s Land Speed Record Car - Seats About to Become Smart Devices

On today's show sales at Lamborghini are on fire Mercedes rolls out a land speed record car from the 19 thirties and we're boxoffice technological muscles on that more coming right up online the. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. Lamborghini just set a sales record for the first half of the year it's sold 3327 her constant event to doors up 11 percent from a year ago that's more cars than it sold for an entire year only 5 years ago and the future looks bright sales of labels first SUV the earliest go on sale this month and we think that Lambo is on track to double its sales in the next couple of years. Speaking of Italian performance Maserati just envy ...

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