AutoComplete: Tesla's Model 3 woes are giving it an image problem

published 1 week ago

Plus: Honda wants to make swappable moto batteries a thing and Noble is back with a new car.

Here's what's making news on road show right now Tesla holds a privileged position in the public's minds as a leader in the field of electric cars but according to a British consulting firm that isn't something that Mr musk should take for granted according to the report by PA consulting group production difficulties and quality control issues are hurting test was standing will this change of the company starts churning out problem free model threes like it's going out of style maybe all the fabled Evey battery swap test let's how did it years ago as have others but it's not something that has ever really materialized pond and Panasonic hope to change that for electric motorcycles anyway with battery swap points in Indonesia the relatively compact size and weight of a motorcycle battery makes the infrastructure necessary to support it a whole lot more feasible let's hope this techniques to the US remember the noble and 600 it was a hairy chested axe wielding madman of a car built in a busy ...

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