Flashback Friday: This Week's Highlights from the No Spin News Podcast (07/13)

published 3 months ago by Bill O

A "best of" from this week's No Spin News installments.

Now here's the big story. Abortion. Abortion. So as soon as we heard justice Kennedy was retiring you bush and people came out. All right now what are they come out. Settle law right Roby weight is settled law. Okay. Well they can overthrow rule the way it if they put in a conservative judge. So possible. Can't do it. All right spring court rules on cases that are in development now will there be a challenge to parts of roe V. Wade sure but that's been going on since 1973 when it was passed but will there be a massive Supreme Court case where the old green try Roby wait some possible. Because it's the law of the land in Supreme Court doesn't make law ...

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