Sirin Finney blockchain phone secures your bitcoin

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A pop-out second screen is one of the features keeping your cryptocurrency safe.

The race is on for the first block same phone the Syrian Finney is one of the leading phone line to carry a virtual wallet in your pocket with a real lot and it's all thanks to this pop out second screen the Finney runs android oreo with a twist you can switch to a secure area of the software to run decentralized maps and access your coins of other crypto currencies guarantee you'll digital money is safe annual blockchain transactions also kill the phone has a cold one system separated from the rest of the fine software firewall to access the Cold War and approve any money changing hands you slide open the second screen to rise the transaction. Many will be the second fight from Cerrone after the outrageously decadent Solari 5 went on sale for a cool. $16000 for the gun to the finish will cost a mere $1000 in the crypto currency of choice for the money you do get a lot more than just ...

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