A Relaxed and Peaceful Attitude

published 1 week ago by Joyce Meyer

How can we be more peaceful and happy every day? Learn how as Joyce shares faith-based approaches and attitudes toward life.

This program has been made possible by the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer ministries. He looked behind you as you to see a message by the look in front of you don't see any open doors. The gods word to you today is hold your peace. This battle is not yours it's mine. Thank you for joining us today on enjoying everyday life. You know I think one of the most important things that we need to do is believers as learned the importance of ballots. And so recently I did a teaching about. Spiritual warfare and our authority as a believer and I talked a lot about staying on garden. Watching yourself and watching what's going on around you and if you're not careful then you can start to feel like well that's just like I gotta be ...

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