Under the gun: firearms training simulator

published 7 months ago by KSL Newsradio

FBI Salt Lake City Division Principal Firearms Instructor and Special Agent Jim Olson puts Becky Bruce and Sheryl Worsley to the test in the bureau's Firearms Training Simulator, or FATS. How do agents learn how to make split-second, life-or-death decisions without having to actually be in a dangerous situation? The FATS system is one way. Standing in front of a wall-sized screen, each agent is presented with a scenario that adapts and changes based on the agent's action, all designed to test the agent's knowledge of the FBI and Department of Justice's Use of Force policy as well as their own training and abilities. Becky and Sheryl get a chance to see what that training is like as Olson coaches them through it, and then shows them how it's really supposed to work.

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