TWiRT Ep. 403 - Streaming Tech Today with Rockie Thomas & Sean Lozensky

published 1 week ago by guysfromqueens

Thousands of radio stations are streaming online, but what’s next? What can broadcasters do to make sure their Internet streams are available and compelling? And, what’s needed from a technical perspective to allow those streams to make money from digital ad placement? Rockie Thomas and Sean Lozensky have 20 years of streaming and digital ad experience, and they’re sharing this advice and knowledge with us on TWiRT.

Coming up on this we can radio tech rocky Thomas and Sean lives in ski join us today crystals with us and we're talking about screaming in the little things that you need to do at the station to make sure you're streaming is as good as possible there's a lot of new capabilities but they depend on the engineer getting things right at the broadcast station that's coming up on towards this weekend radio check is brought to you by broadcasters general store with outstanding service saving and support online at BJS.CC by the new roomie console from Laval see lawful in your future at slash worked hand by the telos alliance shaping the future of audio inspire you to create the most exciting and engaging audio experiences imaginable visit telos slash often. A welcoming everybody it's Kerr Carnac with the this week in radio attack our weekly podcast we talk about everything from a the a microphone to the light bulb at the top of the tower and lots of stuff in the ...

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