An Epic Trek Across Africa

published 7 months ago

It took Ontario explorer Mario Rigby more than two years to walk, paddle, and sail 12,000 kilometres across Africa; from South Africa to Egypt. By the time he saw the peaks of the pyramids, the 32-year-old had traipsed through eight countries, been shot at, jailed, attacked by snakes, and had nearly drowned. He also came across a unique brand of hospitality. Rigby talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his 800 days travelling the vast continent.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter at slash daily. It's an astonishing goal to walk in kayak across the second largest continent in the world and try to base a venture Marcia Rigby accomplished it crossing through 8 countries on this 12000 kilometer trek from Cape Town to the bustling streets of Cairo and surprisingly those facts only hint at what an epic journey it was we're pleased to welcome Mara Rigby Taurus you get to tell us all about it hi welcome hi how are you I I can't wait to chat to you about why you did this but before we get to that out I want to show people that the trip that you took so you started in Cape Town South Africa on 11/24/2015 and arrived in Cairo Egypt on every 20 fourth 2018 that's 27 months of the travel overall you visited a countries like I mentioned in total ...

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