AT&T's Investment in Magic Leap | TWiT Bits

published 1 week ago

Patrick Norton and Ryan Shrout discuss the huge loads of money being pumped into Magic Leap, including the recent AT&T investment that will result in exclusive wireless distribution. It seems like the product is finally happening this summer. Full episode at Bandwidth for TWiT Bits is provided by CacheFly.

Magically a company we've been covering for what seems like forever. Most of which. Almost entirely on the extraordinary hype their incredible valuation had generated I still understand how they can possibly sell enough of their gadgets to pay back the incredible amount of venture capital that taken at. But we have a release date. Kind of 18 T. ed magically platform exclusive U. S. consumer relationship to expand the future of spatial computing this is like the breath ESP are now so our friend for ever a strategic exclusive US consumer relationship invest with magically developer proprietary spatial computing experimental plot CB experience all platforms. It magically is not augmented it is transformational technology you know it's it's one of the breath yes ...

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