Mystic drone flies with AI

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Is it enough to let Airlango take on the drone market leader, DJI?

This might look a lot like another jury you've seen the fall but it's got one feature that might just set it apart it's called the mistake and it has lots of familiar tricks like just you control and of course a fall in the market. From the outside you'd be forgiven for confusing it with the DJ I met at the mystic also fold up so it fits in the palm of your hand but unlike the medic and it only has a one axis image stabilizer it compared to the 3 axis on the DJ I. One of the main features the mystic is hoping will separated from those DJ I comparisons is something called safari marred from the apps you can map out an area you want to join to explore all and then off it goes capturing fighters uses artificial intelligence to determine what looks interesting so that's anything from landscapes to people and even pets. You know demo it wasn't flying as far as the claim 200 meter limit but it did snap a couple of different perspectives mostly involving people. The mystique has 27 minutes of flight time but the company says that ...

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