Healthcare Real Estate Strategies

published 9 months ago by Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull is joined in Studio One by Paul Zeman, President of the Medical Office Investment Group at Bull Realty to discuss the state of the medical office building market. Discussions include current CAP rates, CAP rate projections, strategies for owners and occupiers of medical space related to their real estate decisions and more.

Welcome back to America's commercial real estate show on Michael ball this site is brought to you by that's B. O. in my.or they are the trusted source for education in the property management and facilities management industry and today we are talking about medical office buildings you know it's interesting I like to to get the analyst in the economist's view on things but also talk to talk to a developer owner of of properties or broker who someone is in it day to day please welcome my next guest is Paul Zemin impalas partner with bull realty he's also president of health care real estate services and bull realty joining us in studio one Paul thanks for being back on the show with us ...

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