Trade Managers - July 12, 2018 - Low IV Earnings Decisions

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Mike & Nick explain why they're not trading WFC, JPM or C as their IV is too low, and risk relative to reward is too low. Tune in for a thorough walkthrough of their decision-making process! Happy Birthday, Bat!

However looking back to the show this is trade managers monies might this is Nick and we are commemorating the BAFTA the bats yeah we've got our batch shirts you have got the trade hacks one yeah I've got the one from the bomb for you does that come sail away assault on yeah this is a good one I think he should submit that to the voice. Yeah yeah we get some hits on that for sure yeah yeah having birthday to the bat Happy Birthday to the back mile man yeah it's a good day good day to be alive and David taste surprise it's been kind of mellow for **** birthday last usually there's pies involved there you know that they do have a tear me sued the I. out there so like that you know that something but usually there's Peyser some kind of shenanigans happening but there's still time there's still time ...

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