Microsoft's Surface Go | TWiT Bits

published 1 week ago

Microsoft Announces Surface Go. Now available for preorder - Ships August 2. What's it like? Hands-on with Surface Go. Full episode at Bandwidth for TWiT Bits is provided by CacheFly.

So what is so first of all. Paul says it was an open secret. Yeah really well the thing about waking from once I wrote a this is not a drama though this is not now no this is the thing that makes sense Leo. And. The thing with wings yeah $400 we should mention surface tablet. It will be available August 2 pre order now. Yeah you can just 2 flavor 64 gig in 128 gig. For a gig Seram for making is a ram and not you know I'm a lot more expensive for the high end model I met that sick that's 549 I think that's what Microsoft expects to sell a lot of. Right right and the price you have to buy a special Dinky keyboard. Especially ...

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