Trades From the Research Team LIVE - July 12, 2018

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Pete is coming to the table with a pairs trade using ETFs! Find out if Tom takes the bait and see where the rest of the team is looking on today's "Trades From Research!"

My friend trays from the research team love before we get to that one thank everybody who are participated in that video especially my team behind me. I'll talk straight old thing thank you so much that was. Really nice in the pre show everybody taking time either data gaps really good I'm surprised profession I had nothing to do with it that's why it was good that's right on my god. Boeing says of production would you page one of the people. Because I had to come out here like I got it by going to buy a friendship for sure. 0 okay him as to what that cost a couple 0 Bucks was worth it occurred that it was worth it. We are changing the research team followed up this glorious day what else is coming up first we got beef. We do have be full of bad ...

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