Apple's new six-core Core i9 MacBook Pro

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With new CPU, RAM and storage options, plus a True Tone display and a quieter keyboard, there's a lot different about these familiar-looking MacBooks.

Sitting right next to me is a 15 inch macbook pro with touch far it is not apple's new 15 inch macbook pro touch far but it looks exactly the same because all of the updates that apple has sports macbook pros are internal component updates you're going to find new parts inside the 13 and 15 inch macbook pros but only the models with the touch by 12 inch macbook unchanged macbook air unchanged 13 inch macbook pro with all the talks are also unchanged but if you want to buy a 13 or 15 with the touch bar here is what is new starting right now the biggest thing is probably the move to 8 Gen Intel processors you get a core I. 5 or I. 7 in the 13 inch a quad core and you can get up to a 6 core I. 7 or 99 that's new in the 15 inch model you've also got more options for ram and storage up to 32 gigs of ram the top storage now a goes from 1 terabyte to to ...

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