Malcolm Turnbull to consider government backing for new power plants - which may include clean coal

published 1 week ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Laura Tingle discusses the latest from Canberra, including electricity prices and the possibility of the government funding a new coal-fired power station.

In response to this week's report on energy prices from the competition watchdog the IAEA triple say the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says he'll consider government backing for new power generation plants which might include so called clean coal to discuss this and other developments in camber today I spoke to 7 thirties chief political correspondent lower tangle just a short time ago I. Lawrence reported said the prime minister's left the door open to the idea of tax pies supporting a coal fired powerstation do think he seriously contemplating that. I think it's true that he's left the door open for it Alan but I think the important thing about what are the prime minister is talking about and what the a triple sees talking about is leaving the door open for the market to determine what is the cheapest form of power are at the point of time when the form of government subsidy is sort of offered around so you know if you if you're a renewable energy producer and you can say we can provide ...

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