MLB Network's Intentional Talk: 7/11/18

published 7 months ago by MLB Network

Faith has been lost in Believe-Land after another late-game meltdown, can someone save the Tribe? Plus, find out which team manager's beautiful vocals landed him in the latest edition of Got Heeeem!

Hey everybody thanks so much for joining us on the I. T. podcast we greatly appreciate it but want to hop on over the TV side we can actually join us on the show right 15. That's right you know why because you could tweeters he could interact with us and how about that will read live tweets if they're good press I see you cry always scroll down there look at Twitter so we just enjoys on live TV yeah I was just checking out the twitterverse so remember to join us every Monday through Friday MLB network 5:00 eastern we'll see them. CJ audience insults on their rentals have scored 6 in the ninth inning and another late inning melt down by the end. And. Didn't believe in that finery. No one likes to ship yeah but it's it is it is what it is nowadays right. That is good is Major League Baseball is. Away from this ...

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