The Surface Go shrinks Microsoft's iconic tablet

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Smaller and less expensive, this new Surface tablet takes aim at Chromebooks and budget laptops.

It's smaller more portable and less expensive but it's also less powerful and drives up the total cost by excluding must have extra excess cerise I'm talking about the new surface go from Microsoft which starts at an impressive 399 putting it right in Chromebook territory it's got a smaller 10 inch display making it feel a bit like an iPad it also swaps the core I. series Intel CPUs for lower end Pentium processors it's a definite step down the processing power but the potential silver lining is that for most of what people do on their PCS today there may not be much of an experiential difference if all this sounds slightly familiar that's because back in 2015 Microsoft tried a similar tactic with the service 3 a low cost spin off of the surface pro 3 it was actually pretty good but never really made a big splash during a hands on demo session the new surface go felt like it ...

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