President Trump's Excellent Adventure

published 3 months ago by Bill O

President Trump is stirring things up in Brussels at the NATO summit. Want to know why he's acting out? Watch tonight's No Spin News!

Is in Europe because it all kinds of trouble I kind of like it but it's not all good for we the people in America and I hope you read my message of the day because trump goes in and he just stirs it up so much so that the stock market. Goes down people get nervous investors get nervous Europeans hate him even more if that's possible and all of that so I'm gonna explain why he's doing what he's doing arm and I'm going to give you some insights into what is likely to happen. All right that we're gonna get on to the Supreme Court which is really an interesting story to me and should be to you because it affects all our lives some first of all Donald Trump has it out for Germany right he does not like. The Germans I he doesn't like Anna lemarchal he wants her out of ...

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