NASA EDGE: CIRAS Lead Systems Engineer

published 1 year ago

NASA EDGE visits Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman) to interview Lead Systems Engineer Dave Bodkin about the tools being developed for Commercial Infrastructure for Robotic Assembly and Services (CIRAS) and how these tools will potentially be used for missions in space.

I'm here Dave box and was in the systems and orbital ATK they hide. Thanks for the day tells of a prototype that you're working with here at or below a ticket so we have 3 prototypes that we're working with tour in the the tool family and the other one is a separate so that the 2 tools are an easy welding tool and so the prototype is going to show that we can grasp onto a trust and perform a welding operation a tool path the second tool is a universal grammar school and so this tool will be used for placing our solar rays and also deploying the solar arrays pulling them out and then the last one is a quick disconnect and so this is a mechanical and electrical connection the past ...

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