Power of the Blood #3

published 4 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

In this special series, Dr. Savelle's wife Carolyn Savelle, reveals powerful insight into the true meaning of the Blood of Jesus. Learn how to use the blood to protect your family, overcome sickness and achieve victory in every area of your life. We’ve sang about it for years, now learn how vital His blood is for you.

My name is Carolyn so they'll announce. Going in from. Jerry today. And we're gonna. Wonderful. Day and. Blood of Jesus. And I wanna thank you. You're so very much. Tuning in and. Make this program. You know it's only because of you and through you that were able to be on the air. And to do the things that we do so we're so very grateful for everything that you participate in with us in this ministry well let's get right into the subject is so dear and near to my heart and that's the precious blood of Jesus ...

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