Calling All Millionaires - July 11, 2018 - Building a TUF Spread

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Liz and Jenny talk to Pete before the show and place his 2 year over five year bond futures trade. They plan to take 10% profit. Tune in as they discuss trade location, how to ready this spread and how they determined their exit point.

Warning if you are not a millionaire please not watch the show 3 perform during the segment of rabbits the wealthy people only if you do not have enough capital please turn off the program outside of acne include dry mouth nausea an Earache as well as the voice almost as an existential sadness. The circling on millionaire segment will work talk about the tough spread to lose over 5 the 2 year over 5 years so this now this comes from pizza he's the expert here I you know I talked to him to date looking to get back into this trade but I wanted to get its keeps you know approval before because he knows way more than we do so this is you know it's a hot topic this is hard to get into the old earth cracked and I when I'm speaking I hope that this is very politely clear that I'm kind of questioning what I'm saying so maybe I did this I did not do the top spread with Pete the one time I know you did I when James was on here we did something similar but we used actions ...

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