Options Jive - July 11, 2018 - What is tastytrade Trading? Tech & Commodities

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Tom and Tony discuss opportunities in TSLA, XOM, SLV, SBUX, TWTR, and XLU. Tune in as the guys rehash the strategies, strikes and management tactics in these underlyings!

What is tasty traded are what Stacy trade trading this the same women doing for the last couple of weeks but we changed it up a little bit today. To have some fun with you so we're gonna give me a little bit of a taste of what we've been tried in the last couple of days and dah it's pretty current so you get an idea of what a what's going through her head so we have 6 I think we did yet we just 6 different underlings today and we'll give you some of the reasons before we're doing some of the traits we made but this we thought is a little more current and so we'll give you some of the reasons that we're looking at a couple different underlings and some of things that stand out to us some of the reasons that we've been enticed or at least interested in these underlings and dumb ready yes yes yes it's something new salt test look of course tussles been play it's been it's been in the news healing mosque does a really good job ...

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