Global National: July 10

published 1 week ago by Global News

The Tuesday, July 10, 2018 edition of Global National with Dawna Friesen

Tonight mission accomplished. A collective sigh of relief as 12 time boys and their coach are safe and free how they're doing and the rescue workers whose courage captivated the world. Plus the truck driver charged in a fatal humble bus crash makes his first court appearance that's all I wanted to accomplish today was to flee seem face to face as the victims families wait for justice add a global news investigation into why dirty money has been flowing through BC casinos and why no one stopped it is not always the greasy little man handing out and looks for cash. The national. Donna Friesen. Good evening and thanks for joining us just a week ago it hardly seems possible yet in Thailand where it's early Wednesday morning old 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped ...

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