Todd Howard Blames YOU for Skyrim Ports - IGN Daily Fix

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Todd Howard comments on the well of never ending Skyrim ports, Amy Hennig comments on her canceled Star Wars game, and AT&T looks to make some changes to HBO.

It is. So hot right now and that's why but that's to keep supporting the game to new platforms including yes Amazon Alexa Skyrim director Todd Howard talked about the games ongoing popularity at game lab reports games saying now the amount of people who plays Skyrim 7 years later millions of people every month are playing that game that's why we keep releasing it you want us to stop releasing it stop buying it. Why would anyone want Bethesda to stop releasing Skyrim on new platforms I'm still waiting for the smart watch edition speaking of game lab Howard wasn't the only big creator there Gaby had it was at the event and discussed the cancellation of her Star Wars project Addie ace venture beat reports she answered fan questions about single player games during a fireside chat saying I don't fault the a for that ...

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