A fuel-efficient SUV – the Mazda CX-5

published 3 months ago by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

Sport utility vehicles are notorious gas-guzzlers. Their weight and height make them less fuel-efficient in traffic. One solution Mazda has developed is cylinder deactivation technology. How well does it work?

Monster has come up with some energy saving alternatives for intentions even the ones without electric drive the best example may be the sky active she 194 designed to deactivate cylinders when the car is coasting. The largest amount is correct and that's what cylinder deactivation is all about. This is engineers claim it cuts down on fuel consumption. Yes deactivating 2 of 4 cylinders doesn't mean saving half the fuel. At 40 kilometers an hour say was only about 20 percent of drivers don't generally travel that slow unless they're stuck behind a delivery van that's stuck behind a tractor they can't go any faster. Talk to a man and ET calamitous in our this system still saves around 5 percent of fuel by temple fish but in my in north Funes put send cop just off ...

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