Ontario Hubs: Staring at the Stars

published 10 months ago

Northeastern Ontario hub journalist Claude Sharma travelled to Manitoulin Island to visit one of Canada's few dark sky preserves to find out why people have a longing to look to the skies.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter at TVO.org slash daily. Many people had up north in the summer in part to be able to gaze at the brilliant night sky on Manitoulin island at one of Canada's few dark sky preserves that view of the universe is particularly sought after or northeastern hubs journalists closure much travel there to find out more he joins us now from our studio at Laurentian university in Sudbury welcome aboard close. You were recently at the dark sky preserve in man to an island what is a dark sky preserve. One day in a dark sky preserves an area where there's no artificial lighting or a light pollution an area that really promotes astronomy now if you were to go to a doctor preserving look up you would clearly see the stars the consolations ...

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