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Fortnite's season 5 teaser image has us guessing, Monster Hunter World gets a PC date, and Nathan Drake has been REALLY lucky.

Get your kittens ready for 4 nights season 5 epic games unveiled the first teaser image for the new season on Twitter showcasing what looks like a mysterious pain cat character with a raft of course a fortnight communities already speculating for instance issue Bastet the ancient Egyptian goddess or is it actually a fox mass based on Japanese mythology in a way they both could play into the popular theory that fortnight season 5 will focus on time travel or it could just be weird pink animal characters we'll find out in just 3 days as season 5 begins this Thursday why spots one PlayStation 4 players have been taking down and carving up giant creatures in monster hunter world since the beginning of the year PC owners have been left waiting but that'll change is August 10 Capcom sprawling fantasy BBQ RPG finally hits personal computers which if it matters is exactly one month from today in if you're rich can handle it you'll be able to run the game in 4 K. resolution at 60 frames a second which is very smooth ...

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